Using English Everyday is nice….


Good Morning Blogger…

In this happily morning, i want to share with u about using English in my daily act… 



Now, I am a student of a university in my town, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia… 


I am English Department students… But I rarely use it in my daily speaking… 

One day, my lecturer said to me that we should be honest to everyone… We said that we are from English department, but we rarely use it…


Then, I and My friends promise to use it everyday… I especially have a commitment that I will use English in my daily campus day… just for one reason.. “to make my English be Better and better”

Two weeks pass….. In fact, I and My friends enjoy English very much… 

Do you want to know next??? 





The phenomena I found when using English in my daily act… 

1. by doing that, It improves my speaking ability…

2. by doing that, It increases my vocabulary mastery…

3. by doing that, It improves my speaking confidence…

4. by doing that, I always have communication strategies, such as.. try to use other words when i find an

    unknown word….. 🙂 

The fact… “using English is Nice….. Do you want to be able to communicate by using English??? The key is “USE IT”….

So, all Bloggers.. try to use English everyday…. okey…. 😀


dedicated to :

* All friends in English Department of Program Pascasarjana Padang State University….


Special Thanks:

* Retno Yulansari

* Minda Febrianti

* Gustriani Novita Sari

* Tri Saswand



Love u all….. 🙂





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